Maks Histibe Talks with Soundiron About Music, Video, and Creative Journey

In the latest episode of the Soundiron Podcast, featuring well-known developers of virtual music instruments, Mike and Craig interview Maks Histibe about his sound design, cinematography, and the creative journey of his unique Swords to Ploughshares virtual music instrument while he’s located in Ukraine. The discussion includes his memories of the early years of his career, experience as a creative being in a war zone, and motivation. This is a friendly conversation about international collaboration, human values, artistic visions, and much more.

Never give up

In the symphony of life, challenges often compose the most transformative movements. Find inspiration in something new or close to your heart. Navigate adversity with hope. Amidst life’s storms, remember – the most powerful symphonies emerge from the darkest moments. Embrace resilience, stay strong, and let your journey inspire others.